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Get 1:1 Consulting, Accountability, & Unprecedented Deal-Making Opportunities 

Access to My ‘Power Players’ Network || 1:1 Pitch Training and Feedback || Personal Coaching and Advising || First Access to Discounted Events, Bootcamps, & Training || Monthly Networking & Coaching Calls

take out the guesswork, cut the BS and see real, worthwhile results By Working 1:1 With Brad Blazar, the "$2 Billion Man"

Work 1:1 With Me, Brad Blazar, and Never Again Struggle With...

  • Building confidence speaking with investors
  • Cold call & outreach rejection
  • Figuring out how to craft a perfect pitch or presentation
  • ​Wasting money on ‘high-end events’
  • Wasting time scouring the internet only to find ‘duds’

Take out the guesswork, cut the BS and see real, worthwhile results, just like countless others before you. You will see great strides in your own success, the Capital School Platinum Mastermind can see to that.

"The Capital I've Raised Has Unlocked Doors I Could've Never Imagined..."

- Brad Lea

- Floyd MAyweather

- Private Jets

- Sharon Lechter

- Tim Storey

What's Included:

  • ​Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • ​30 Minute 1:1 Capital Raising Kickstart Call w/ Brad & his Team
  • ​1:1 Bi-Weekly Call with Brad
  • ​Personal Coaching and Advising
  • ​Evaluation & Feedback on your pitch deck
  • ​Pitch Training and Feedback 
  • ​Access to Recommended Resources
  • ​Access to my ‘Power Players’ network of high-level people
  • ​Monthly Networking and Coaching call with community Members

And Some Extra Bonuses...

  • Complete Access to the Capital School Learning Center
  • ​The Four Step Sales Blueprint Masterclass
  • ​Physical copy of Brad's New Book 
  • ​First access to discounted tickets to CapitalCon, Bootcamps, & other Events
  • ​Learn how to leverage online capital raising platforms in your favor

Special Platinum Mastermind Offer: $12,497/year

* Payment Plans Available *

I’ve helped people from all around the world with mastering the art of closing big deals quickly and effectively, boosting their capital to new heights. Wherever you’re coming from, and wherever you’re trying to get, I can get you there.

what brad's coaching students have to say about his programs...

- Dustin


- nick

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Try CAPITAL SCHOOL risk-free! If you decide that it's not for you, as long as you've done exactly what is required to a "T" message me to receive a full refund. You have nothing to lose but a LOT to gain!

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    • ​Capital School Learning Center – 12 Modules which includes 10+ Hours of Training Content - All focused on how to confidently raise investor capital
    • The Four Step Sales Blueprint –  Scripts, Templates & Frameworks to give you the fast track to your first investment
    • Physical copy of Brad's New Book –  Winning at the Capital Game
    • First access to discounted tickets - to CapitalCon, bootcamps, or my Mastermind
    • How to leverage online capital raising platforms Don't want to talk to anyone? Put your raise on autopilot
    • ​Weekly Q&A "Office Hours - 50+ Weeks of access to Brad LIVE every Thursday evening
    • ​30 Minute 1:1 Capital Raising Kickstart Call w/Brad's team
    • ​1:1 Bi-Weekly Call with Brad (every other week)
    • ​Personal Coaching and Advising - Brad will personally help you structure your offer, pitch deck and your strategy
    • Evaluation & Feedback on your pitch deck
    • ​Pitch Training and Feedback - Brad and you will sit down for a "mock pitch" dry run so you can dial in your presentation and get clarity on where to improve
    • Recommended Resources - Access to Brad's entire team of illustrators, content creators, and pitch deck experts
    • Power Players - Get access to Brad's network of "Power Players" (strategic partners, vendors, coaches and more)
    • ​Monthly Networking and Coaching call with community Members
      • Private Invitation to a LIVE In-Person event twice a year (before CapitalCon)
      • ​Hear from major thought leaders, keynote speakers, and successful capital raisers
      • ​Collaborate and do deals with each other
      • ​Get access to additional sources of capital
      • ​Network with other community members and power players

      YOU'LL GET ALL OF THIS FOR JUST $12,497/year!

      what brad's coaching students have to say about his programs...


      - Ruben Alvarez



      What makes Capital School Platinum different?
      Capital School Platinum combines the benefits of coaching, mentoring, masterminding and proven systems to support business owners, entrepreneurs, and others in order to teach them how to raise capital from investors. Capital School is led by Brad Blazar who has personally raised $2 Billion and closed multiple megamillion dollar transactions over his career. Finally, Capital School is the only capital raising company that is 100% committed to getting our clients the results that they are seeking - getting in front of HNW investors, learning what investors are seeking and closing them. Additionally, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
      Will this work for me?
      Capital School Platinum comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Try Capital School risk-free! If you decide that it’s not for you, as long as you’ve done exactly what is required to a “T” message us to receive a full refund. You have nothing to lose but a LOT to gain! Today, we have students that have completed their investor packages, begun raising capital using social media, reached out to family offices and more.
      What will I learn in Capital School Platinum?
      Capital School Platinum is structured around a series of courses that also introduces scripts, templates and more. In Capital School, you’ll learn how:
       ✅ How to prepare and put together your investor package (pitch deck, offering memorandum and investment teaser)
       ✅ Attract HNW investors using multiple methods
       ✅ How to develop trust and build a relationship using the “Trust Sequence”
       ✅ Using the Four Step Blueprint to get you from zero to the closing table with investors
       ✅ How to use crowdfunding platforms to your benefit
       ✅ Accessing family offices and raising capital from “the big leagues”
       ✅ Properly structuring your fund
       ✅ Various securities regulations and selecting a proper structure to raise capital
       ✅ and so much more…
      How is Capital School Platinum structured?
      Capital School Platinum is structured with LIVE weekly training calls every Thursday @5pm CST. (They are recorded and available for replay later). That is combined with access to a private enrollment area that hosts all the scripts, video content, course, templates and more. Additionally, you receive access to our private Facebook where our global students interact and support each other.
      Will I have access to Brad if I am stuck on something or have questions?
      Yes, we are just a DM or email away. You can email to schedule time on the calendar.
      Will this work for me in another country?
      Yes, the language of raising capital and speaking to investors works globally. In Capital School we have students in the UK, AU, NZ, Canada, and here in the United States amongst elsewhere.
      Do I need a track record or prior performance to be successful?
      No, your age and lack of prior performance has little bearing on success. After all, how could I have raised millions in my 20’s and go on to build an oil company without prior experience. The actual deal and speaking with confidence and enthusiasm are factors which attribute much more to your success.
      Will I learn other things in Capital School Platinum besides raising money from investors?
      Yes! Realizing that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to have access to multiple capital sources, we will introduce you to platforms and other creative solutions to get deals financed. Having multiple capital options is a key to your success.
      Do you offer services where you’ll do most of the work and raise the money for me?
       While we do not raise money for others, we do have options which we might discuss where we make capital introductions to others and also assist in the preparation of your investor materials. We limit the number of Platinum Clients we work with in order to ensure proper introductions.
      Do you offer any type of referral fee if I know someone that can benefit from Capital School Platinum?
      Yes, we love taking care of our referrals. You can reach out to our team about that at
      How long is the course?
      The course is designed to be 12 weeks long. And while I recommend you complete the course at that pace, I understand that you might be short on time trying to balance work and family...

      Which is why you have the option to go through the material at your own pace.

      Just make sure you meet me on the weekly coaching calls to accelerate your business growth or listen to the replays when available.
      What if I don’t have experience?
       If you want to raise capital to build, scale, or buy a business, then Capital School Platinum is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned salesperson. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any “rich friends.”

      All you need is a desire to learn this skill.
      How quickly will it work?
      If you’ve got the vision then all you need is the capital. As I’ve said, business owners and entrepreneurs can begin closing their first (or next) investment in as little as 4 to 6 weeks... providing they have their pitch decks and investor package built.

      If not, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it in the course. It’s extremely simple
      I don’t have lots of money, will it work for me?

      You don’t need to be rich to take advantage of this mentorship.

      Follow what I lay out for you and start creating real wealth, provided you’ve got a solid business idea. It’s that simple!

      Even if your bank account has been shrinking for months, you can still take advantage of these secrets
      How is the course delivered?
      The course material is delivered on a membership site. You simply log in, download the course material and watch the accompanying training.

      And sometimes we bring true experts into the sessions who specialize in certain areas.

      I’m also adding more training each week. For instance we added a new training “how to unlock your home equity without taking out a loan.”
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