How To Raise Millions In Investor Capital IN THE NEXT 4 WEEKS...
To Easily Build, Buy or Scale Your Business (or Fund Your Real Estate Project)
Without a track record, a rolodex of rich friends, or “free” fundraising events...
During Our Time Together, You'll Learn Three Incredible Secrets:
  • How to raise $1.5 to $2MM with only $1000 of your own money.
  • How to cultivate a high-quality list of High Net Worth (HNW) accredited investors that you can approach for capital.
  • How to see results in about 4 weeks rather than months — and begin closing investor capital quickly.
Hey, what's up? It’s Brad Blazar.

When big corporations, private investors, real estate entrepreneurs, and even your favorite internet “guru” needs to raise large sums of investor capital...

I’m their “go to” guy...

Think of me as a kind of “hired gun” for raising capital. And in my long and storied career I’ve raised almost $2 billion and counting.
So that means I know a thing or two about how to pick up a phone and convince people to give you money for a deal.

But it wasn’t always like this.

You see, I’ve messed up a ton in my career.

I’ve gotten more “no’s” than there are bees in a hornets’ nest...

And have been placed on more people’s “do-not-call-list” than I can imagine.

I’ve bumped my head around plenty trying to figure out this “raising capital” thing… And you know what?

I’ve finally figured it out.

The truth is that it’s easy to get people to write you 6-figure checks after just a few phone calls.

It’s easy, but most people just don’t know how to do it...

So I put this training together to fix that.

What I teach is not hard to do.

I started using it at only 23 years old. And I’ve personally trained dozens of others to do the exact same thing (most of whom were NOT natural salespeople).

I even taught it to a former “roughneck” in the oil industry who walked into an interview with me wearing torn jeans and a flannel shirt (his nicest outfit, I guess).

After just a few months of showing him these techniques, he walked out of my office wearing $300 ostrich boots and a brand new Rolex.

So no matter how old or young you are…

Or how inexperienced you feel…

You CAN learn the same techniques I’ve used to raise over $25M this year alone.

And that’s an incredible skill to have.

I show it all to you inside this training class.

Can’t wait to get started.
- Brad Blazar
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